Taiwan Journal of Linguistics

A Diamond Open Access Journal (free to authors and readers)
ISSN: 1729-4649 (print); 1994-2559 (online)


Papers must be submitted through TJL's online Submission System. Only Word file under 7MB is required. A paper normally should not exceed 40 pages single-spaced. A manuscript may follow the style sheet of any established linguistics journal; however, once accepted, an article must then conform strictly to The TJL Style Sheet and The TJL Template. The author(s) of a published paper will receive five print copies of the entire issue in which the article appeared.
Contributions may be submitted from all countries and are accepted all year round. However, manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other publications cannot be accepted. The language of publication is English.
A manuscript in the 'revise and resubmit' category must be resubmitted within 3 months, and a manuscript in the 'accept with revision' category must be revised and sent back to the editor within 1 month, and when approved, the final proof according to the TJL style sheet is then expected within a month. Please note that a paper cannot be claimed as 'accepted' or 'to appear' without a formal notice of acceptance from the editor.