Taiwan Journal of Linguistics

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ISSN: 1729-4649 (print); 1994-2559 (online)


Hengbin Yan and Jonathan Webster
In this paper, we present our recent experience in constructing a first-of-its-kind functional corpus based on the theoretical framework of Systemic Functional Linguistics. Annotated on selected texts from the Penn Treebank, the corpus was built by a collaborative team on a web-based annotation platform with several advanced features. After a discussion on the background and motivation of the project, we present our solutions to some of the challenges encountered in the collaborative annotation process. With fine-grained annotations of an initial corpus now available, the corpus can serve as a valuable linguistic resource that complements existing semantically annotated corpora and aids in the development of a larger-scale resource crucial for automated systems for analysis of linguistic function. Key words: corpus annotation, linguistic function, collaborative annotation, functional semantics


嚴恒斌/ 廣東外語外貿大學、Jonathan Webster/香港城市大學
本文論述作者基於系統功能語法框架,構建一個全新語料庫的經驗。我們從Penn Treebank語料庫中選取部份文本,通過一個基於網絡且有著多項高級特性的協作性平台對文本進行標註。我們首先討論我們項目的背景和目的,然後提出我們針對協作性標註過程中所遇到的一些問題和挑戰的解決方法。我們初步構建的語料庫有著較為精確的高質量標註,可對現有的基於語義標註的語料庫資源作有益的補充,同時也為進一步開發相關的大型功能語言學資源乃至語言功能自動分析系統的構建打下基礎。 關鍵字:語料庫標註、語言功能、協作性標註、功能語義